abrasive blasting by cool blast equipment



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Sand blasting industrial coater

with our Schmidt pressure  pot





Abrasive Blasting Contract Services


While CO2 blasting is the preferred “non-abrasive” blast process, when the application requires etching the substrate, removing heavy scale and rust or quickly stripping layers of paint, we utilize crushed glass (sand) and glass beads.


These processes create secondary waste, and considerable dust, and so are not recommended for on-site use.  Our South Carolina shop has a large blast room with air filtration systems, where this type of blasting can be done without causing harm to the environment, your facility or employees.  We also offer rust inhibitive coatings and paint priming services on sand blasted metal parts and/or items.

Rusty automotive gears before and after



  Oil tank heavily rusted     After sand blasting       Coated with primer


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